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Welcome to Jac Shooting ,  to creating a special , joy and happiness is our works.
We will capture beautiful, storytelling images of your special pre wedding and big day moments

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Though pre-wedding shoots have become a necessity for most, You will feel more comfortable with photographer and also get to know his or her shooting style.
For me, it's also the time to get to know more about you.
I can create suitable settings that will flatter the both of you during your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day.

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I hope you will have a specific beautiful bridal party, maybe it is not perfect, but it would filled with grace and joy.

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Portrail Photo

A portrait , it is the orientation of a photograph and opposite to capture your personality, identity and emotions atmosphere.
It is about getting to know your characters and catching them in the moment.

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Video Production

I'm also a videographer and editor. For commercial or wedding secession are also understanding your needs by my experience.

Hello , I'm Jack

A video director / editor and photographer
Are the words
that inspire my photography style. 

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